Jobs That Pay Between $21-$45/Hr in Texas

There are many jobs that pay this amount including engineering, software development and skilled law practice. It’s also not uncommon for a highly skilled tradesperson or an organized person to make this amount.

Let’s assume you work 40 hours a week for 52 weeks a year with 2 weeks of paid time off. Your total salary is $43,680.

1. Accounting

Accounting is the backbone of every business. From examining transactions, preparing financial statements and reports, to maintaining information reliability, accuracy, and compliance with standard accounting procedures and policies, the work of an accountant is crucial to company growth and profitability.

To find the top cities to find jobs as an accountant, we looked for locations that pay above the Texas average salary. The highest paying city for this role is Midland, home to the oil field headquarters in West Texas and a hub for telecommunications and distribution center employment. Frankston, Pasadena, and Emerald Bay also offer above-average salaries for accountants. And the Mile High City of Denver offers big-city culture, cheesesteaks, and Peyton Manning. All of these locations beat the state average salary for accountants by 7% or more.

2. Marketing

Marketing jobs are plentiful in Texas, largely due to the state’s robust economy. As of 2011, there were an astounding 17,730 market research analysts and marketing specialists employed in Texas. These professionals earned an average of $128,090. The top 10% of marketers made more than $187,199.

 Many of these positions require a bachelor’s degree, though some employers may prefer a master’s degree. Common majors include human resources and business concentrations. Candidates should expect to spend some time in an entry level position to gain experience before advancing to managerial roles.

Sales manager roles might be more abundant in Texas, but those supervisors must first gain experience as sales representatives. These professionals identify customers and connect them to products or services, negotiate prices and prepare sales contracts. Many retail positions fall under this category, but many sales reps also work for wholesalers and manufacturers.

3. Customer Service

Customer service jobs require interacting with customers to resolve problems and answer questions. They may be in person, over the phone or via email or social media. This type of job is a great option for people with a limited educational background who are looking to make money quickly in Texas.

Typically, a customer service rep is the first point of contact for customers. They must be able to handle a variety of inquiries, including questions about products, services and policies. They also need to be able to offer solutions that meet the needs of the customer.

In addition to resolving issues, customer service representatives must be able to work effectively under pressure and in fast-paced environments.  In order to be successful, they should be confident, fully engaged and dedicated to delivering best-in-class service. They are also expected to be a team player and bring a positive attitude to the workplace each day.

4. Engineering

Engineers are a group of people who like taking things apart, figuring out how they work, and then putting them back together. They use their knowledge to design and build machines that function for specific purposes. They can also find ways to make those machines more efficient and cheaper to run.

If you want to be an engineer, it is important to have good math and science skills. You must be detail oriented as well, because sometimes one small error can lead to an entire project failing.

Chemical engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and aerospace engineers all earn above average salaries in Texas. However, the highest paying engineering jobs in Texas are located outside of Austin.

5. Software Development

 They use models and diagrams to create applications based on user needs and client specifications. They also create code using programming languages and ensure overall functionality. Software developers can specialize in areas such as game development, database design and security, or web development. They can work as consultants or in teams with a variety of other professionals including coders, software engineers and graphic designers.

San Antonio may not have the clout that Austin has, but its tech scene is growing rapidly. Net tech employment, job postings and software engineer/web developer salary all increased year over year in the city, according to a recent CompTIA report. In fact, a junior software engineer can earn well above the state average in the city, with Corpus Christi and Irving close behind. Interested in a career in IT? Herzing’s online software engineering program offers a bachelor’s degree and accelerated training options.

6. Law

For lawyers who are willing to do whatever it takes to be part of the top tier of BigLaw firms, there is no shortage of legal jobs in Texas that pay well. Firms like Latham & Watkins, Baker Botts, and Sidley Austin offer high-caliber legal work with plenty of autonomy to shape your practice in a collegial environment that promotes organic mentorship.

These companies are some of the highest-paying employers in the state for jobs that require a law degree. Lawyers in these industries are responsible for a wide range of duties, including representing clients in criminal or civil litigation and other legal proceedings, drafting and drawing up legal documents, and managing or advising on legal transactions. The average salary for these positions is $11-$45/hour.

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